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Are Dining Rooms Out of Style?

Are Dining Rooms Really Out of Style?

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You may have heard a little rumor that dining rooms are going out of style. Well, we’re here to let you know that they’re absolutely not! However, while dining rooms are here to stay, it’s fair to note that styles and layouts are changing.

So, how are dining room styles changing? To be honest with you, quite beautifully! But even though styles evolve, dining rooms remain a valuable part of any home. Think about it – how else are you going to host a themed dinner? Or entertain guests with enough seating? Dining rooms can benefit a home in so many different ways. Here are a few! Read More


How We Celebrate (and Decorate) for Valentine’s Day

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Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming up… cue the theme song from Jaws! Are you feeling unprepared? Join the club! If you are looking to make a reservation, let’s face it – you are probably too late. Box of chocolate? Better hurry, even the local drug stores are going to be picked over!


Did you know that over 180 million Valentine’s Day cards were purchased last year? Moreover, the average consumer spends $116 on just flowers or chocolate for this very day. In my opinion, Valentine’s has become such a selective couples’ holiday that the day as a whole is overlooked by many. This is probably the very reason that Halloween has become so popular; everyone is included and dressing up is super fun! Read More


7 Ways to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Table Setting

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Are you stressing about creating a perfect Thanksgiving table setting?

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays of the year. It’s a time for reflection, appreciation, and nothing beats time spent with the ones you love.

But let’s get real for a second. If you’re the one who usually hosts Thanksgiving dinner, you know just how stressful Turkey Day can be. The to-do list is a doozy for this holiday: Plan the menu. Thaw the turkey. Clean the house. Do the grocery shopping. Prepare the guest rooms. And brace yourself for – yes, you know she’s coming – your mother-in-law.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our dear mothers-in-law. But we know they’ll soon be swooping into our homes with eagle-eyed evaluations of our Thanksgiving preparations, from the candles we burn to the moistness of those turkeys.

While we may not be able to help you baste your bird, there’s one thing we do know – home decor. For a perfect Thanksgiving table setting, here are seven of our handiest tips: Read More

First Steps To Decorating your Dining Room

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Brumbaughs Table

Decorating the dining room can be one of the more daunting tasks as a homeowner, as it is often a room that serves two distinct functions in a family’s life. The first, and the one that people think about most often is that of a room made for family dinners and holiday get together.

This means picking furniture and a décor that will look grand at its best, which can be dressed up to impress for the most festive holidays but which can still provide a comfortable environment where people can be themselves as they eat weekly dinners and holiday meals.

The second use is that of a spillover room – the large central table of a dining room is perfect for big projects and school work, so the dining room can often double as a hobby room, a project area and much more.

Take a look at the rest of your house, and keep the other rooms in mind when you are deciding on the dining room basics you want to start with.

There are usually two main pieces of furniture in any dining room that will set the over-all tone and feel of the room. The most important has to be the dining room table.

The next is usually a hutch or a buffet – these are utilitarian pieces of furniture but they can also be some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture you will buy for your home. Think about the style you are developing in the rest of the house. While an entertainment room may be filled with sleek lines and metal and black, that often falls a bit short when you are looking at the main pieces of furniture for your dining room.

Ultra-modern and sleek can be striking, but often they are simply not seen as comfortable, and the dining room should invite people to stay around the dinner table to talk long after the meal is over.

Wood excels at this – the warm golden tones of a wood table and buffet can take a room in many directions, from rustic Western comfort to old world class and charm, and the right pieces can reference a more modernistic approach while still bringing the warmth of wood into this important room.

After you decide on a style, be sure to measure your room and decide how large the table and buffet or hutch can be. Furniture that is to big is just as bad as the prime pieces in your living room being to small for the room. Actually set out chairs or other objects where the ends and sides of your dining room table will be – this will give you an idea of how the table will look.

Keep these measurements in mind when you start shopping!

Smaller furnishings, including corner tables, artwork and the lighting will be your next decision. One excellent way to display a variety of collectibles, figurines and artwork is setting up one wall as a set of book case shelves, and these are easily repurposed to reflect the seasonal or holiday decorations you want to make!

Take your time planning, and keep in mind that as much as you want this room and its furniture to impress, you also want it to be an important gathering room for family and friends – comfortable, warm and inviting should never be far from your thoughts when you are starting to think about redecorating your dining room.

Planning your Dining Room Decor, What you’ll need…

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So, you have decided to redecorate one of the most important rooms in the house – the dining room! This room is often thought of as a showroom, to be brought to its full glamour for Thanksgiving dinners and holiday get-togethers.

The first thing to decide on is going to be the style, so look at your table and hutch first. They are biggest pieces, and will automatically set the tone for the rest of the room. The dining room can also be a great place to display artwork of many types, whether it is a large wall painting or small sculptures. These will change as time passes, both because of seasonal and holiday decorating as well as your own taste and new work you want to show off happens.

Look for smaller tables or wall niches and shelves to not just occupy space, but pick them as places to set the mood of the season and display the best pieces in your collection. Family portraits are a great addition as framed wall hangings or smaller, more intimate pictures in niches or set on the mid to back region of a wall table.

After considering the smaller pieces of furniture, the next big decision is lighting. This can make a huge difference in a dining room. Of course, the biggest light will be the one hanging over the table. Get a light that is dimmable for the most versatility, you don’t want the room too bright during dinners, but if you are using the dining room as a hobby and homework room as well, a bright light is essential!

Table lamps are fine, and sometimes they are just what you need, but think about washes and spot lights as well. These can really make a portrait or painting pop, and can often be adapted to what the current need for the room is. They can also often be hidden, making for a more dramatic lighting effect that can be put to great use holidays and parties!

Another great way to adapt to the season is to get a number of functional, fitted tablecloths that reflect the season or the holiday – table cloths can be a fun way to change the feel of a room to excellent effect!

The good thing about hard floors in a dining room is not just the easy cleanup, but the ability to use large throw rugs or a series of smaller rugs – these can also be easily changed to reflect the time of year, from earth tones in the spring to brighter colors in the fall – this will make up for days which darken much earlier, and a landscape that is starting to go drab for the long winter.

With just a bit of planning, you can have a highly functional room that is a joy to be in and that can change its looks as the years progress. Choose your furnishings as part of an intricate puzzle, one that will enhance your family and your home.

Brumbaugh’s provides the look and feel of the Old West by offering elegant ranch fine home furnishings you just won’t find anywhere else.

What is the best way to clean my wood furniture?

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Wood furniture is a gorgeous addition to any room, but nothing mars the beauty of such pieces more than scratches, soil, water damage and other blemishes. Many are nervous to take on the task of cleaning and restoring wood furniture; improper care may be worse than no care at all. Fortunately, the proper techniques paired with a bit of caution can restore your wood pieces back to their original beauty and ensure they stay that way for years to come. Read More

Is your dining room ready for the holidays?

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Autumn is just around the corner, and with the falling of the leaves comes the “season” of the dining room table. From family dinners after busy schooldays to the carving of the Thanksgiving turkey, your dining room is bound to see an increase in traffic throughout the coming months. This is the time of year when your dining room really gets the chance to shine and be the star of your home. Are you prepared or could your home’s entertainment central use a little TLC? Read More