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fall rugs 2017

Brumbaugh’s 3 Favorite Fall Rugs of 2017

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At Brumbaugh’s, we think the fall season calls for some refreshing new interior pieces. After all, Mother Nature updates her look during autumn – why shouldn’t you?

As you begin to revamp your home’s appearance for the upcoming cooler months, there are always countless options for changing the look and feel of your home. Anyone who’s been on Pinterest at all knows seasonal decor begins flooding social feeds once September rolls around.

But if you want to update decor the quick and easy way, one of the most effective things you can do is simply change a room’s floor space. Adding a brand new rug to a room can drastically change the area’s ambiance. So, if you’re looking to go for something a little different this fall, purchasing a new rug for your home is a great option.

So, without further ado, here are three of our favorite rugs for the 2017 fall season, all available at Brumbaugh’s: Read More

Brumbaugh's - How to Select a Great Rug

Jewelry For Your Home: How To Select a Great Rug

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There are not many of us, male or female, that don’t like some kind of jewelry. Maybe you like earrings, that great squash blossom necklace to make a statement, or maybe it is just a watch. (People still wear those!)

When you select your final accessories for that special outfit, business or pleasure, you almost always choose a piece of jewelry. The same idea works for your home. You have chosen the perfect sofa, coffee table, lamps and even artwork, but it is the choice you make in a rug that brings your home together.  

Brumbaughs Empress RugEmpress Rug: Available Here

Select something subdued when you want your leather/fabric sofa to pop or when working with a monochromatic color scheme. But for that leather sofa, be bold and choose something with color and dimension.

Select the jewelry that makes your room.

Rugs come in various types of construction. At Brumbaugh’s, we carry them all. Here are four types of rugs we carry: Read More


How to Use Jewel Tones In Your Decor

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Is your western decor feeling a little lusterless lately? Need to add a little flare to the farm?

We have some pointers for infusing this year’s color trends into your traditionally neutral, rustic interiors.

After Benjamin Moore revealed their deep-magenta shade “Shadow” as 2017’s Color of the Year, jewel tones have been everywhere from runways to showrooms.

While it’s no surprise that fashionistas and interior designers alike are drawing inspiration from sultry shades like magenta, mulberry, and burgundy, you may be wondering how to incorporate them into your western decor.

Here are some ideas: Read More

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Area Rugs Vs. Wall-to-Wall Carpet

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Are you currently renovating a room in your home and struggling to decide what you should do about flooring? Or perhaps you’ve purchased an older home and want to look at the possibility of some updates before you move in. Rugs or carpet? Which is the better option? We vote for rugs and here are our reasons why:

Gray Starlight Sofa Read More


How to Care for an Oriental Rug

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It is a well-known fact that many oriental rugs have survived for centuries. They are high-quality pieces and, therefore, an investment, so it is important to care for them. When treated properly and regularly maintained, oriental rugs retain their beauty and last a remarkably long time. Read More


Choosing The Perfect Area Rug

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We all love area rugs.  They are the perfect home decor piece to both define a space and enhance your interior design. Not to mention the fact that they add a warm and cozy vibe to your home.

Choosing the perfect area rug is no small task. There are multiple factors that you need to consider, and the rug you choose will make a big impact on your space, good or bad.  The rug needs to be the perfect size for the room, the colors and pattern need to be cohesive with your current decor, and there are very specific ways you should arrange your furniture on the rug. Here’s what you need to have in mind when shopping for your next area rug. Read More

What makes Persian rugs so special?

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Known for their beauty and amazing quality, hand-woven Persian rugs have long been revered by antiquities experts and amateur enthusiasts alike. But what really sets these rugs apart from their mass-produced counterparts? Many things! Read on for a brief history dating back more than 2,500 years and a few reasons why Persian rugs are still highly sought after today.

Read More