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Sectional or Sofa?

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The age-old living room design debate: sectional or sofa? If you’re looking for a definitive answer, you won’t find one here. All else equal, one isn’t better than the other. Some people despise the typical sofa, while others vow to never furnish their living room with a sectional. The multi-person seating option that is right for you, may not be right for your neighbor. If you’re unsure about which is right for you, we’ve laid out some factors to help you in your decision. Read More

Interior Inspiration

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Do you want to change your living room furniture or simply revive a guest room? At Brumbaugh’s Fine Home Furnishings we offer unique products and experts to help you make your house, a home! When thinking about redecorating or choosing new furniture there are three building blocks to consider. Read More

Why should you choose Brumbaugh’s ?

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There is something to be said for longevity. In our case, we have been around for 48 years and take pride in customer relations. Larry Brumbaugh founded Brumbaugh’s Fine Home Furnishings in 1966 and the first store-front was located in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. The company continued to grow and in 2001 we moved to our current location on the west side of Fort Worth. Our store is now 50,000 square feet and contains one of the largest inventories of furniture, carpet and hand-knotted rugs in Texas! We have delivery capabilities that service the United States and even international demands.

At Brumbaugh’s we are more than just a furniture store. We are a family working hard to make your house a home. 

What makes Persian rugs so special?

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Known for their beauty and amazing quality, hand-woven Persian rugs have long been revered by antiquities experts and amateur enthusiasts alike. But what really sets these rugs apart from their mass-produced counterparts? Many things! Read on for a brief history dating back more than 2,500 years and a few reasons why Persian rugs are still highly sought after today.

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